Twitter API 1.1 favorites / following / followers backup in web browser

Backup you Twitter data like favorites (currently known as likes), following and followers with this script, directly from your browser with JavaScript, using Twitter API 1.1 (more information in first comment of the script in iframe below).

It can also be used to find accounts who unfollowed you, were banned from Twitter, blocked you or changed their username by using a diff tool to see the differences between a new backup and an older one.

This script has the advantage to not rely on a third party, server-side solution that will be unavailable if servers are down or simply if the service close. It is not a command line script so it can be used by everybody on any platform, even by people without a lot of IT knowledge, all you need is a web browser.

Download script from my server: twitter_api_1.1_backup.js
On Pastebin
On GitHub

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