France TV replay M3U8 URL

Get M3U8 streaming URL from France TV info replay website. The M3U8 URL can be used in any video player that supports HLS live streaming. I created this script when the default player was still using the proprietary Adobe Flash plugin instead of HTML5.

Download script from my server: francetv_get_m3u8.user.js
To display .user.js script in browser without having Greasemonkey popup, I have a .js symlink: francetv_get_m3u8.js
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  1. Mikel says:

    Hi Draw, any help to convert it to a node js script ? Ty

  2. bapt says:

    Hi, you can do a web scrapping script with Node.js also, the idea is the same, you have to get the video ID that is printed in the source code of a replay video like and then pass the ID (189835310 in this case) in the API URL like to be able to parse the JSON data and get the M3U8 URL.
    I don’t know if you are a programmer, let me know if you need more help. The easiest way to get the M3U8 URL without script is just to open the browser console in Firefox for example, then click on the “Network” console tab and if you reload the replay page, you should see a M3U8 URL that you can copy and paste in a video player (it is displayed now because they switched to HTML5 player but I had to use the Greasemonkey script previously on a computer that did not have Flash Player installed).
    Since you may have to use a web browser to find the video URL, it may be more convenient to directly get the M3U8 URL in the browser console instead of having to use a script in a command-line console but it depends of what you want to do.
    By the way, my name is Baptiste 😀

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