Facebook Graph API groups members intersection

Usually people can use a Facebook Graph Search URL with a group ID https://www.facebook.com/search/2204510018/members/2204420210/members/intersect or with a group name https://www.facebook.com/search/str/linux/groups-named/members/str/surfing/groups-named/members/intersect to find people who are in several groups at the same time. One day, I noticed that the URL was not working anymore (it only worked in the mobile version m.facebook.com or in another Facebook account), so I created a script using the Facebook Graph API to display the groups members intersection.
Last time I checked, the URL using a group name was not working. You can find a Facebook group ID in the group URL or in the “Report Group” link.

Update: Unfortunately the /group/members edge endpoint was deprecated the 4 April 2018 (reference, changelog, blog post).
At the moment, it looks like people have to use Graph Search URLs instead of Graph API to find group members. Other Graph Search URLs can be found here:

Download script from my server: facebook_graph_api.js
On Pastebin
On GitHub

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