BuddyPress Improved

Disable Gravatar

People who use WordPress and the BuddyPress plugin can improve their privacy by disabling Gravatar fallback when a profile picture is missing. You can prevent third-party requests to gravatar.com simply by creating a plugin with this code:

add_filter('bp_core_fetch_avatar_no_grav', '__return_true');

You can restore Gravatar functionality easily at any time by disabling the plugin through the WordPress menu.
The plugin can be downloaded from the public WordPress repository: bp-improved-disable-gravatar.

Search by distance, WebRTC webcam chat

The plugin to disable Gravatar was created to improve privacy of my Premium “BuddyPress Improved” plugins:

  • search members by distance in a range of kilometers (better privacy by using self-hosted geocoding with GeoNames database instead of sending third-party requests to Google servers, which can also be blocked in some countries)
  • WebRTC webcam audio / video chat between 2 BuddyPress members (better privacy by using your own Node.js signaling server with WebSocket)

If you are interested in these plugins, you can contact me here.

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